Norsafe Brazil

Norsafe, the world leading Manufacturer of Lifeboats, Davits and Winches, is selected for a large number of wide-ranging vessels and platforms every year. A vital part of the decision to purchase Norsafe equipment is the world-wide support available for the equipment throughout its life cycle.

Norsafe do Brasil is a company well established in Brazil, which are operating out from their main office in Rio Bonito.

Norsafe do Brasil have now 10 experienced Service Technicians, and where we now are covering the different professional areas with good expertise which are needed to be an overall servicing company. All our Service Technicians have gone thru the mandatory training to be an approved  Norsafe Service Technician at our Training Center in Norway.

Norsafe do Brasil is now headed by Mr. Geir Arne Bjørkelund, which have more than 30-years of experience with Lifeboats, Davits and Winches. Mr. Geir Arne Bjørkelund have taken upon the task to build Norsafe do Brasil up to be the leading servicing company in Brasil, providing quality services to our valuable end users.

Our recipe for success in Brazil will be no different from the rest of our network - Norsafe competence and values infused with local market knowledge!

Norsafe do Brasil will be offering a wide range of services such as:

• Annual and 5-year inspections
• Delivery of new equipment
• Commissioning and startup of the LSA systems
• Upgrade of Equipment
• DNV-OS-E406, NORSOK R002 and NMD 853 Standard GAP analysis of equipment
• Fleet Service Agreements (FSA) 
• Operational and Computer Based Training
• Preventive maintenance training
• Technical support
• Regular and intermediate inspections
• Spare parts
• Mandatory annual and 5 yearly inspections