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Norsafe Hellas S.A.

The company was founded in 1974 with the co-operation of Watercraft Ltd. U.K. Since 1974, Watercraft has supplied a vast number of lifeboats, and launches of all sizes from 16ft to 36ft as well as davits and hook release systems.

In 1989 the davit sector of Watercraft Hellas was reformed by the foundation of Viking Hellas Ltd, a company affiliated to Watercraft Hellas and managed by the same management team. The company's premises and davit manufacturing took place in Piraeus whereas the boat manufacturing took place in an industrial area near Thebes about 80 kms north of Athens.

In 2006 Watercraft Hellas SA was acquired by Norsafe AS (Faervik, Norway).

Over all these years of operation, it is worthy to mention that Watercraft has manufactured and supplied commercial crafts up to 45ft for the needs of the Greek Authorities, the Hellenic Hydrographic Services, the Greek Coast Guard, the Greek Navy and finally the Greek Air Force where a special rescue craft was manufactured for training pilots in Sea Rescue.

This facility provides Norsafe with a key location in the Mediterranean area, with a fully owned factory and service hub. The company has experienced strong growth over all these years of operation and in 2009 the capacity has increased to 150 boats and 100 davits.

Watercraft employs 85 specialists in manufacturing lifesaving equipment. Norsafe Watercraft Hellas have a range of products including conventional and open ifeboats, free fall lifeboats, rescue and fast rescue boats. The company can also supply specialised products such as patrol boats, pilot boats, landing craft and ship tenders. There is a wide range of davits or release systems to suit all boats.

Watercraft can be considered a specialist in manufacturing these products due to the experience that has been acquired over the past 30 years and even more so now with Norsafe AS who has a 100-year history in the lifeboat industry and is considered a world leader.

23.03.2009: Watercraft Hellas S.A changes name to Norsafe Watercraft Hellas S.A

Norsafe Watercraft Hellas S.A has a strong and competent service team that can offer:

  • 24 hour service & spare parts support
  • Annual and 5-year inspections
  • Re-hooking, upgrading & refurbishment of lifeboats
  • On-site service from worldwide service partners
  • Maintenance programs for fleet operations based on "Fleet Agreements"
  • Training for daily operation & maintenance of lifesaving equipment

Norsafe Watercraft Hellas SA
7th Kilometre Old National Road Thebes to Chalkis
32200, Thebes - Beotia
Tel.: +30 22620 22441, +30 22620 22442
Fax: +30 22620 29075
e-mail: watercraft@norsafe.com
Web: http://www.norsafe.com/watercraft