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Norsafe Korea Co. Ltd.

When Norsafe Korea Co. Ltd. was formally established in November of 2008, we worked out of the Admiral Hotel using their conference room and computer facilities as and when required.

In February of 2009 we located suitable office and warehouse facilities close to Samsung Shipyard that eventually roomed 7 people. These facilities were put to good use for the balance of 2009 and well into 2010. As the number of employees outgrew the office space, a search for new facilities were intensified and we finally settled on our present facilities. The office building we now occupy was an empty shell with no insulation, no toilet facilities, no second floor or rooms. We had to start from scratch. Drawings to suit our purposes where made, and a willing landlord assisted in the construction process.

Two months later, on October 1st the new office facilities were ready on a brand new second floor, with storage space, warehouse space, parking facilities and a working server. Our 3rd move in the span of 2 years were finally completed.

The new warehouse across the yard from the office has 130M2 of space. We have aggressive plans for the good use of it. The second floor in our office building has ample room for our 14 present employees and room for a gentle expansion should the need be there. Of the 14 employees we have 6 service engineers and 4 trainees, supported by 3 support staff and one sales person. The first floor houses our conference room, toilet facilities and the server. It has good room for our planned teaching facilities and installation of some key equipment. The warehouse is now housing our spare parts. A wall has been built to separate it from our future boat repair facilities.

A roomy and freshly cemented place in front of the warehouse will facilitate boats and the warehouse itself gives us excellent space and weather protected conditions to carry out hull repairs. In the spring of this year we took over the sales from one of our earlier agents and confirmed sales has already reached 18 with 43 positive prospects, well ahead of the 2009 sales. The 2012 goal of turning our operation into a one stop shop can be achieved in 2010. The new office and warehouse complex is set for an official opening by the end of November or early December.