Computer Based Training

What is CBT?
• The purpose of CBT is to describe the Norsafe LSA equipment and the purpose to follow, operate and recover the boat after evacuation or training exercise.
• The CBT is a supplementary for the operational manual.
• Measure the competence of your crew and how familiar they are with the Norsafe LSA equipment.

Why CBT?
• It’s essential that all crew and operators are familiar with the operational procedures of the Norsafe LSA equipment.
• A lack of proficiency or an incorrect procedure may compromise the safety of the boat and the crew.
• The perfect way to get new crew familiarized with the Norsafe LSA equipment.

Types of CBT
• Self-study Computer Based Training course:
• Individual training courses for each crew member with final exam. Individual     training courses are also available online. A certificate can be printed with 80% score or better on the multiple choice test at the end.
• Video Tutorials:
• Animated 3D or video showing the correct use and function of LSA equipment. For using together with the installations HSE training, lifeboat drills, heliport HSE info etc.
• Installation specific videos:
• A combination of 3D and video filmed at the actual installation together with the crew. Arrangements and permits for camera crew and equipment on-board must be ready.

Improve safety and internal training with NORSAFE CBT.