Norsafe’s equipment is selected for a large number of wide-ranging vessels and platforms every year. A vital part of the decision to purchase Norsafe equipment is the world-wide support available for the equipment throughout its life cycle.

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Service and after sales
Norsafe has concentrated efforts to provide an effective service network which meets customer expectations. Norsafe currently has more than 50 authorised service stations worldwide. Norsafe’s team operates from main service hubs and has a supporting network of service stations providing spare parts, full repair facilities, as well as annual & 5-year inspections, which are mandatory in accordance with SOLAS. As part of Norsafe’s overall service provided to customers, Norsafe offers operation and maintenance training, on site, at our service stations or at our main training facility in Norway. Refurbishment of existing equipment is undertaken at our main service hubs in Norway, Greece, China, Singapore, Korea, Brazil, Mexico and USA. Our goal is to provide operators of Norsafe the equipment, training, and maintenance necessary to maintain safety & reduce costs due to lack of maintenance.

Customer service
Norsafe customer service is headquartered in Norway. The customer service center has a key role in supporting Norsafe’s world-wide service
activities and operates as a major service hub. The Customer Service Centre provides:

• Technical staff with years of practical experience and training, with performance guaranteed by the Norsafe quality system.
• Scheduling and job allocation of service engineers from service hubs and service partners stations to projects all over the world.
• World-wide 24 hour service for delivery of spare parts.
• Training for Ship personnel both for daily operation & maintenance.
• Management of long term maintenance agreements for vessels and installations.
• Effective maintenance program for vessel operators, with all costs according to menu price system.
• Full SOLAS compliant upgrading of lifeboats, rescue boats and davits and other Norsafe products.

Lifeboat incidents are reported each year, resulting in injury and in some cases fatalities. Sadly, most accidents derive from insufficient maintenance, knowledge and training on LSA (Life Saving Applications) equipment. SOLAS - International Convention for the Safety
of Life at Sea address these concerns through minimum maintenance and proper training requirements. Over the years, Norsafe has put more focus on the importance of proper use of equipment through training. Although we strive each day to make our products safer, we
recognize that insufficient knowledge is at the heart of many incidents.Norsafe has always been at the frontline of LSA development and the company has a 100-year old history in the lifeboat industry. Today, Norsafe is a recognized world authority on LSA systems; renowned for technical development, high quality and professional maintenance.

Norsafe is an ideal partner for maintenance of lifesaving equipment, providing:
• Effective maintenance programs for fleet operators through Fleet Service Agreements - emphasizing predictable costs
• Global network of appointed service stations.
• Consultancy services for meeting local and international requirements and regulations.
Over one hundred years of experience is at your disposal to ensure that your lifesaving equipment is provided simple, cost effective and essential maintenance in order to meet the latest SOLAS requirements.